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Each week is unique, and that´s why you´ll never get tired of learning with this app.

A live online language learning platform is available to you that includes videos, podcasts, emails, and language tools such as a pronunciation trainer or a spell check. The assistance of a live lecturer is always available to the student: contact him/her by pressing a button. The interactive self-study platform is available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Moreover, you can join group conversation lessons on a topic led by a native speaker. The content of your online lessons is selected according to your online test and profile, making sure that you learn language skills that are relevant to your professional life. Each student creates his/her E-book, which includes the results of your online test and a selection of topics that are necessary for your professional life and growth. This app contains 217 occupation profiles, and you have unlimited access to all learning resources, which you can use anytime and anywhere, just to be connected to the Internet.


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