If you want to learn a new language while understanding the culture of a given country, set steps to guide you through your studies and define your goals. If you set your goals correctly, you will learn much faster. Using our language skills scale, we will find your current skill level and together, we will set the conditions that will take you further. We teach more than 43 languages.


1. The students’ needs come first.

We will perform a clear analysis of your needs: what your goals are, what situations you want to handle and what linguistic knowledge you need to build on. This means that teaching is tailored to your personal language goals.

2. Well-defined teaching objectives

Each lesson has a specific relevant goal. You can immediately apply new knowledge in practice.

3. Check your progress

We check that you are on the right track to achieving your goals. And you will really remember what you learn. We will provide you with the learning support you need so that you can speak a new language with confidence.

4. Testing your achievements

We will measure understanding and skills so that you can see your progress before you move on to the next level.

5. Certification of your achievements

You will receive a certificate to celebrate your achievements.

6. Progress to the next level

We will check if you are satisfied with your achievements, and then you will advance to the next level.


Gain language skills, cultural understanding, and confidence with Berlitz Language School.

The Berlitz method is proven to be the fastest technique that can adapt to your needs. You will learn to speak a foreign language fluently much faster. You spend less time studying, so you can devote more time to the things you really care about.

The secret of language learning: total immersion!

Everyone has the ability to speak a foreign language. The best way to learn a foreign language was to move abroad, where the students could truly immerse themselves into a new language and culture. But this is not always practical or available to many of us.

Our students say teaching at Berlitz is a great way to learn to speak properly.

1. The most effective teaching 

The Berlitz method was invented by Maximilian Berlitz in 1878 and is still the most effective language-learning technique used today.

Lessons are conducted in the target language from day one, and each activity focuses on a specific goal tailored to your needs.

Language is presented in the context of real situations, and instead of academic translations or grammatical rules, there is nothing that cannot be used in the real world.

Your lecturer will guide you through the process of practising and presenting, which will help you quickly absorb what you have learned and take it to the next level.

2. Quick results

Studying at the Berlitz Language Centre takes place in a cycle that ensures rapid and effective progress.

We start by evaluating your current language skills so that we can recommend the most effective program for you.

There are milestones in the program when you can check if you are on the right track. Thanks to our teaching, you are constantly improving.

You spend less time studying the language and have more time for what’s important to you, whether it’s doing business, spending time with your family, or traveling.

3. The power of understanding a foreign culture

The most effective way to get the most out of a new language is to understand its culture.

Our teaching activities include cultural training to help you use your new language skills in the right context.

From business negotiations to ordinary situations, we will teach you how to avoid unpleasant situations that may occur due to misunderstandings of foreign culture.

Combining intensive language learning with cultural understanding most closely resembles living and working in a foreign country.

4. Study at your own pace

Our lecturers are constantly helping you improve your language skills.

You can study anytime, anywhere through our online learning platform, where lessons take place live.

Do you prefer face-to-face lessons? Lessons can be scheduled at any of our 500 language centers around the world. We’ll also come to your workplace or home.

Do you need training programs for your company? We provide solutions for managers and global corporations.

Regardless of your choice, your chosen program will be fully tailored to your goals.

Explore new possibilities with Berlitz

The Berlitz Language School has helped millions of people connect and communicate throughout its long history. CEOs, presidents, show business stars and world-class athletes have studied with us.

Learn the benefits of the Berlitz courses and learn your language today.